Safe Tanda™ Was aFun Way to Build Savings

We've stopped running new tandas now. Thank you to everyone who participated!

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What's the Catch? How does Safe Tanda Profit?

We don't make a profit. There is no catch.

Safe Tanda is free to use. As time goes on, we want to expand the service so that people can choose to pay for extra options. Until then, we're covering all of the transaction fees out of our own pocket.

We can do this because we're backed by a large financial company with over 50 years of customer-first experience. Our mission is to help improve the financial well-being of millions of hard working people. We're lucky to have such strong support. It allows us to bring products to the market, like Safe Tanda, that pay it forward by helping first and making money second.

How Does Safe Tanda Work?

Safe Tanda turns the boring chore of saving money more fun by making it a game. Each month, you can be randomly selected for an early advance on your savings. If you've been struggling to put money towards savings, then Safe Tanda is for you.

Tandas, or "Rotating Savings and Credit Associations" (ROSCAs), have been around for centuries. They sound complex at first, but turn out to be very simple:

Six people all put the same amount of money into an account every week. And each month, Safe Tanda randomly selects one person to take all of the money home as a savings advance. By the end of six months, everyone has received as much as they put into the account. You get 100% of your money back.

Think of it as a team savings plan

Everyone on your teams makes a savings deposits towards their 6-month goal.

But to make it more fun, someone is randomly chosen by Safe Tanda to take home the money each month -- it's a free, no-interest savings advance, and it feels like you met your savings goal early!

You can use it to pay off credit card debt early, or finally get that car repair done, treat yourself to those shoes you've been wanting, or add it to your emergency fund!

It's a Safe, Easy, and Fun way to Save

Safe Tanda 100% guarantees you will get all of your money back. Your savings contributions are automatically made every month when you sign up, safely and securely through PayPal.

There's no free money, no magic tricks, no gimmicks.

Everyone takes a turn receiving money, and it's fun to see if you get the free savings advance that month!

Safe Tanda Builds the Group for You

A traditional tanda requires you to first build a group of people that you trust and then work out the details for contributions and payments. With Safe Tanda, you sign up and instantly start saving. Safe Tanda guarantees payments, so you don't have to worry about what other people might do.

We quickly match you with other people who have the same savings goals. If there aren't enough people to make a full group when you sign up, Safe Tanda pays the other monthly contributions to make sure the savings program works for you.

Who gets the savings advance each month?

One person from each group is chosen at random by a computer algorithm at the start of each month. The first time that you participate in Safe Tanda, you are eligible to receive your savings advance starting month 3, but if you sign up later for another Safe Tanda group then you can receive it as early as the first month. You can only be in one group at a time.

When it's your turn to get your savings advance, you will get an email telling you that the money will be sent to you. Payments are sent back to you automatically via PayPal on the 15th of the month, or the nearest business day after the 15th.